Derby entry comments for Derby #101: Fake Band T-Shirts

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My entry for the Fake Band derby. The gypsy Carts!

For those who rock the real oldies.

…sorry if that was a little too cheesy for ya. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just in time for their “Struggles of the Upper Middle Class” tour.

Please support my alternative rock band, the Queens of Drama.

Give the people what they want, huh?

WOW!! I love it! Very Rubber Soul…GMV

Personally, i feel this submission is lacking the word bitter somewhere.

Please support my punk rock trio, Union of Crowns as they embark on their summer tour!

A couple people thought asphalt wasn’t the best choice, but brown was the only other color that matched the awkward color scheme!

I know people say black doesn’t print well on brown, but I faded it out some to check, and I thought the black was minor enough that it looked fine.

You rule!! Thank so so so so so so much! I love these guys! :slight_smile:

Too cute. Looks too much like a lot of your other shirts.

You thought that all they could do was chant…

With their new hit single “Things that make you go mmmmmmm”


Come on, you’re better that that aren’t you?

JW, you are absolutely hilarious. Dunno if I could actually wear it on the streets though… I fear I would offend.

Reunion Tour! They are sure to be at least as big as Hanson.

This is all in good-natured fun. Moving to Chicago this week and couldn’t bring myself to do a serious entry.