Derby entry comments for Derby #103: Outer Space

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Houston. We have a problem.

Thanks in advance for check out my 1st entry this week. I ended up going with the Navy… mainly because I have never used Navy for a design before… and Woot seems to have a alot of black / navy shirts they need to move (this the space theme).

Please vote for my poor astronaut.

Alien birthday parties can get a little crazy.

Detailed version can be found here.

This is really cool. Great idea!!!

When reduced down to its purest form, the universe makes the best hot fudge ice cream topping imaginable.

Intergalactic warfare on a shirt. :open_mouth:

Space Shuttlecock!


Stupid space invaders. Get outer my space.



awesome, ha. looking into the “eyes of the invader”

this is great, very clever!!

I wish this was a computer game that I could play on my desktop right now. Great job.

I decided to try and learn to fully use illustrator this week. In the back of my mind I really wanted this design to be simple and wearable, I like how it turned out.

Kind of reminds me of Charlie the unicorn.

If at all, I would think a shoulder placement or at least off center somewhere would look better, maybe.

Yes - I am glad to see you!

Not sure if you saw my comment in the main thread. I really like the design. I really love badminton, though sadly I haven’t played in a few years.

I was hoping that you would make it a bit more space shuttle-like, because right now it just looks like a giant birdie in space. The highlighting on the head helps. Maybe some tiny astronauts floating about?