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placeholder. I’ll post a detail later. :slight_smile:


Shocking…bunnies in costumes on asphalt. I’m not sure this could be less original.

It’s cute, right?

Hold still… this is only going to take one stone.

Sufficient time for faith and miracles
We find we cannot fit into our days;
And nothing’s left at all that joyous dwells
Inside the heart. The spark of spirit stays
Too small for dreamburst, and all earth may prove
Inadequate for art. No human is
This potent all alone, and fear kills love…
Love kills fear, and alone: all-potent, this.
No human is inadequate for art,
For dreamburst; and all earth may prove too small.
The spark of spirit stays inside the heart
That joyous dwells, and nothing’s left at all
We cannot fit into our days. We find
For faith and miracles, sufficient time.

Janus, by John M. Ford

Had stumbled across this idea.

The Going Rate


I know… generic beach design.

I know… white shirts suck.

But I don’t own any generic beach designs on white, so here’s my design. I like it. Hope you do too!

6 colors on white.

I LIKE it!!


3 never gets any love. poor 3.

6 colors on kelly green.

The bottom half is a halftone. Here’s what it looks like close up. Should be printable.

I went for woot’s two-faced mention in the derby description. Please vote!

The brave sloths of 2nd Squadron struggle in the skies above the rainforest… against the three-toed menace that threatens to destroy the two-toed way of life.

Very cool!

I like the steampunk-ed-ness…

I’ve voted HERE!

A realm of two-headed monsters and brave knights who look after the young dragons.

very, very pretty loopy!

would love to see it printed just as it is here…

This is going to tickle a little bit.