Derby entry comments for Derby #107: Bags

This is hilarious!

Hrmm… Not so. This is a well executed illustration, but if you are not a cat person, than you would not want this on your bag every shirt you get. The designs in the fog are less specific in topic and are probably more appealing to a greater audience.

I am not a cat person and would not want this to win, however I did vote for it due to its overall clean and well done design. A well executed design always deserves a vote in my opinion.

Pretty sure it’s just a scribble. It’s based on Vandalized Turtle.

If you’re talking about the entry I think you are, it should be noted that the rejection reason was “modified logo”. Presumably the rejectionator saw the MAIN logo in the center of the design, modified, and hit his big red “REJECT” button. I agree that the design did in fact follow all the rules, but the problem was that the actual logo wasn’t noticeable - an important trait in branding. If the logo isn’t noticeable at a glance, it doesn’t well reflect the shirt.woot brand - and that WAS one of the catch-all rules Woot had in place for this derby.

I have to side with tgentry and his interpretation of alteration/modification/destruction of a logo, but you make some great points. My gut instinct is that Woot will leave the logo angled if tgentry’s design wins, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if they did “correct” the orientation.

Lol cute and so true :smiley:

I just posted this in the Contenders blog but figured it couldn’t hurt to put it here because you can never say thank you enough. Thanks to everyone who voted and kept me in the fog. It is deeply appreciated. I unfortunately, well fortunately, am out the door for our family camping trip and will not get the actual results until I come back Sunday. Thanks again especially to rachel1aaron (last time I promise) who was a huge help in bringing the design to life. Before I have a Sally Field moment, I’m going to sign off. Thanks again everyone! Wish me luck! Okay, maybe you can say thank you too much. My excuse is unabated excitement.

I have to agree with KIDA26. I like the concept, but the quality isn’t all that incredible. The layout really throws the whole thing off for me. Too much empty space in the middle. It also kind of reminds me of the Wu Tang symbol.

I dislike that this is in the fog. I appreciate the motivation behind it, getting all those winners in there, but I just don’t think it looks good. :-\

How did this not win? Auggghhhh! Twas brilliant.

I’d just like to thank the few people that voted for me… YAY!

It would be neat if the bag the cat was looking in also had this image on the side of it… one of those infinite sequence things. I did vote for this, sorry it didn’t win :(.

Speaking of small details…I like how the electrical sockets are smiley faces… lol

Looks like there’s no need for that towel now! Congrats on your Editor’s Choice… so is ThatRobert going to take back his Best Loser since you didn’t really lose? :wink:


Yes, it was so good to see lucky1988 get this recognition!

But…but, I am still going to advocate for this fun design to be made into a beach towel. :slight_smile:

Come on woot, please make lucky1988 an offer he can’t refuse… Hey, if you can merchandise whimsical, woot screaming monkeys, than why not whimsical, shirt.woot beach towels?

I’m glad this did well. Everyone’s entitled to not like it, but it was a very woot-centric design, and I loved how it came out.

Thanks for the votes folks!

What an excellent and CREATIVE idea!

I hope your bag design wins, because you show your creativity and you show that you respect the other artists that have one the last 106 derbies!

You got my vote and I would love to be able to get a bag, just a bag, you know, in “MINT” condition that I can frame and put up on the wall of my office.

Best of Luck to you

Be Well

@yankeebird-Thanks for the support. I hope thatrobert doesn’t revoke his award!

@spongecake- Cheers spongecake! I’d even settle for a shirt.woot washcloth. Just joking, I’m fully content that the design will be printed on a bag already. :slight_smile:

I know it’s late, but if you want a large print of this design, I’d be happy to print one out one good quality stock and send it to you. Just PM me your address, and I’ll send a copy.

When is this going to get into circulation?