Derby entry comments for Derby #107: Bags

it’s not their logo, its not in a circle

I think this shirt is pretty cool, but the guy’s facial expression creeps me out.

I like this one a lot.

Yessss!!! Gets the message across and looks great! Good show! +1


The fists are my wife’s and mine. The shirt is a woot shirt that I laid out on the patio. The rest is lines and stuff.

Start a revolution with this bag! Please vote!

I didn’t size the images right, and they looked squashed. Any way to switch them out without having to take down the submission?

Zombies, gotta love them! Vote or perish a brain eating demise!

There’s a little bit of everything goin’ on at H.Q.

You never know what could be in that bag…

You’re going to be rejected because the design detail doesn’t match the comp - looks like the former was compressed horizontally and the latter was stretched. You should fix that and resub quickly.

Note that your images should be sized to 240x240px and 580x580px respectively.

When a woot shirt comes in the mail, a sense of calmness is a natural side effect.

The best Woots are organically grown on Woot trees. They are painstakingly watched over and picked by hand at the peak of freshness for 100% shirty goodness!

Cheers! Hope you enjoy!

Comments are always welcome.

EDIT: FYI… If this does get rejected for not having the “Circle” around the logo, then I will resubmit it with a circle logo in the corner. As for now, the rules do not clearly state weather it is actually required to have the solid color “circle” as apposed to just a solid color.

Designs must incorporate our exclamation-point mark, included in each template. This can be scaled but not stretched, skewed, or otherwise altered. The exclamation point must be white on a solid background of black, Shirt.Woot blue, or Shirt.Woot yellow.

nothing said about a circle, the exclamation point just had to be white in front of a solid background.

I like the retro-y feel. GMV!

My idea behind this, in no particular:

1.) Lots of white, so less to print
2.) Everything but the Woot shirt is black and white, because without it you’re boring, but once you break it out, you’re awesome
3.) Tearing open the shirt like people are going to tear open the bag

A gentle bunny joke included. I like. GMV.

I got corrected images, is there a way to just switch them out, or do I have to take it down entirely?

love it!

A package design that flows. Happy Voting!