Derby entry comments for Derby #109: School

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Crayons serve so many purposes,


What else do you need to be ready for school?


Every one knows owls are wise. Right? But how do they get that way? They go to school. Of course. Night School.

I like the idea, but the text isn’t that incidental.

This shirt is based on something that happened to my Dad when he was in school.

I hope you guys like it, I know I had fun making it. :slight_smile:

Pretty sure that text is not incidental. If you need to see “night school” to get the joke, which I think you do, then you’re (probably) headed for the rejectionator’s not-so-iron fist.

Nice try, though.

Geometry class is for the birds.

Hi! :slight_smile:

Explain the title I must. First, we start with the “School of Fish.” Maybe I should’ve added more fishy to convey this, but the design got really busy when I added more, so I went by the famous saying to come up with the current number of fishy, “Two is a couple, Three is a party!” Hahah, yea, bit of a stretch I admit. Next is “Delinquent.” It should be a rule or law by now in the fishy world that that eating worms on a metallic hook isn’t too wholesome, but one of these fishy is about to break that rule. Also the “Delinquent” also applies to the sea horsey for not obliging to the universal law of helping others. And lastly “Horror.” The fishy are just plain scary!

Very cute :slight_smile: I love the colors.

I got to watch my kids do this 2 weeks ago. I find it hilarious every year. I hope you enjoy my 1st Day Drama, and comments/suggestions are always welcome!

I love it!

I knew there’d be at least one school of fish :). Nice execution!

Totally thought it was woodshop, my bad.

Now arriving…

HA! Kind of follows my design’s description :).

I worried about that too. I figured if it was a picture of a chart it would be incidental…and it is a picture of a chart. I guess i’ll leave it up to woot. At least it isn’t a slogan shirt.

Hope there are some Pink Floyd fans out there.

Might want to try submitting this on navy with some stars in the sky to get rid of that text. Or at least have it ready as a backup just in case. One never truly knows what the rejectionator will consider incidental.

I really love this, it’s beautiful. Colors are great!