Derby entry comments for Derby #111: Blues

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Starting the Halloween party even earlier this year. :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to a larger composition:

Thanks as always guys!


The Bluebirds Brothers are back…they are on a mission from God. The most dangerous combination since Bird and Shot. They’ll never get caught.

Been tryin’ to get to you for a long time…

I wanted to show a contrast between the bird (which is from out of the world) and the egg and its surroundings (which are of the world). Hope you like :slight_smile:

edit: If you have something you want to say about the design, and you want to make sure I read it/respond, then send me a PM. :slight_smile:

I always wondered what it would be like to housebreak Blue. Poor Steve…


violet! you’re turning violet, violet!

my favorite line in the whole movie. :slight_smile:

In which a funny-looking flying goldfish dreams a little.


It’s surprisingly easy to hit twelve-bar blues chord progressions with feathers…

Apparently, around one in two million lobsters is blue. I thought that was awesome… so that’s my subject for the shirt. hope you enjoy.


A nice pocket design with a frozen heart in ice burning with a blue flame. Inspired by a chem class where we had methane ice that looked like a snowball but would burn this really large flame. And drip water. Weird.

“…what do you mean – you ONLY date incisors?”

Really great design and layout. I do however wish that the blue whale was a tad larger and the goldfish a tad smaller so the whale at least had the appearance of being at least a little bigger than the fish.


droppin’ a big fat vote on this one.


Yet another design that if prints I will purchase but I sense another 4th or 5th place finish because well, that’s what happens to the good shirts.

I like the warped perspective. I also like the way the whole design looks on the shirt. I’m not too keen on Mr. Moon’s expression, but overall nice design. :slight_smile:

Nice. Is there a reason it looks more like a beluga than a blue?