Derby entry comments for Derby #112: Japan

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Konichiwa guys, and beware of GIANT MONSTERS!

Link to larger composition:

Thank you as always. :slight_smile:

Tora 2010.

3 colors on olive.

The main symbol means “tiger” and the line below is a Japanese proverb “If you do not enter the tiger’s cave, you will not catch it’s cub”. The lesson meaning, “nothing ventered, nothing gained”.

this is great, Drakxxx!

different from your normal fare, but still great work.

Lets face it, chopsticks are too oldschool. It’s time to embrace the spork!

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quirky and great colors. This could do well.

Thanks everyone, for all the help in the pre-derby thread!

Feedback and votes welcome and appreciated.

(PS. The text says “nihon”, which means “Japan”)

While the rest of the world was impressed by fire and the wheel… Prehistoric Japan was WAY ahead of the curve.

Witness the epic battle between Hello Sabertooth and as of yet named stone mech.


pretty, great color combination~

Translation: I love lantern

Translation: I love lantern

Very nice, I like the colors, and the layout.

love it!

this is so freaking badass!!!

I really love the glowing eye.


Hahaha, I love their faces!

knew it was kdeuce the moment I saw it. It looks like a sequel to your samurai rage (but not in a bad way)

Please vote for my sumo wrestler!

hehe very cute and clever… I like the vintage look too.

It’s those important last steps they never tell you about…