Derby entry comments for Derby #113: Harvest

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The sinister scareperson has harvested jackolaterns for his evil army. Beware!

Larger comp link:




Thanks as always guys. :slight_smile:

Sky Harvest

Thanks for voting!

Thanks everyone, for the shirt color help!

Poor owl, guess he needs some love. And a new diet.

Feedback and votes appreciated, thanks!

love it.

I had a lot of fun doing this one! I hope you enjoy it…

Love this.

Aww, very cute yodal! I’ve wondered where you’ve been!

A little bit of organ harvesting perhaps?

Made some changes since yesterday, especially in the colors. I thought the softer colors made it less creepy and more funny. And the ear is now pointing the right way. (good catch there). Thanks for the help.

Also wanted to add, these swirly lines - so much FUN! Really enjoyed doing this one.

Really nice. I’m just worried about how well it’d screen print.

Place holder for some details as ts kinda unclear whats in his hand.

my favorite is the eyes at the bottom!

also, no beefmoe this week?

Oh no, text!

I like this design, but you better resub without the text if you want to survive the rejectionator.

Thanks! Yeah i took a few weeks off.

Hi guys, I hope you like it!
Five colors, brown Tee

i really like this. the moon and starry night are a fun touch. gmv.

voting for this one HARD!!

I don’t worry about how it will print, it’ll look AWESOME!!

cute…but no text…sorry.

All I can say is WOW!

VEry cute!! I do love owls!!! nice work