Derby entry comments for Derby #114: Cooking


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why can’t I get to the derby? why is this so freakin’ hard for you guys, Woot?


that is so dark, I can’t see what’s next to the cauldron - what am I looking at?


A cat.


Smug pot.:slight_smile:


Same old stuff and how is this related to cooking in any possible way?


This is a design that I submitted late to the BBQ derby… added more detail to the fire logs and fire, changed some of the lines/shadows, added a baby bunny peeping at this big ol’ roast and changed the shirt color.


oooohhhh shine fire oh fire.


Hi guys, I hope you like it!


I love it! GMV.


Let’s Bake a Cake!


This is definitely one of your best illustrations. It’s a really nice drawing.


I hope everyone gets it. Votes is welcome. :slight_smile:


Nothing Wasted


Ah, someone explain the significance of this design to me. I can’t quite grasp it.


Just glancing through the derby, and thought I would stop and offer a critique. I don’t know how well certain colors print on dark shirts, but I would have suggested using a slightly more prominent (lighter/brighter) purple color for the cauldron highlights and the cat. He is visible now, but the design is going on a t-shirt (which is viewed many times in passing) rather than it being a print that someone can take the time to look at, so that’s why I suggested that.


When I finished the art last night my family promptly sent me out the door to buy fries!


The greatest night time snack, in the colors I wish they were.

Had so much trouble submitting this week. Could someone let me know if the pictures look right/ if you can see the thumbnail at all?


For good or worse. You are consistent. :slight_smile:


I really like this.