Derby entry comments for Derby #115: National Parks

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This entry is based on Olympus National Park :slight_smile: I’ll post a larger version later to show the details.

Thanks in advance to everyone who likes the design :slight_smile:


6 colors on baby blue.

I get it… its in the shape of lungs. ha.

Huge limestone caverns with millions of bats.

Oh now that was a good idea, I hope Mr. Barker checks out woot.

GMV for sure.

very creative, i like!

A shining, towering example of governmental efficiency, this monument to bipartisanship and elected efficiency is set aside in perpetuity to reach to the sky as our leaders guide us to the future.

Very elegant color choice Jewel. Nice take on the derby too.

Giant Sequoia

Found at Sequoia National Park, these are some of the largest and oldest trees in the world. The main tree is “The President”, also in the background you can see a tunnel cut into another that is big enough to walk through.

Welcome to Monolith Park

I Met My Krill
On Monolith Hill
On Monolith Hill
When Implanting You

My eyes hurt. Sorry, would never wear this or even like to see it on a person.

Quirky. Fun. I dig.

BoooH!, I hope you like it!
Tree colors on spooky brown tee

[Campfire Tales](

My favorite shirt of yours to date.

Well done.

I’d pick one of these up.

Like the design, but not sure how good this shirt would look on a person.

Love this design so much! Woo, go Dekon!

Ever seen a real of 1/4" tape take down a Victrola as the sun sets over the mountains of tube computers? It’s a beautiful thing.

I like it :smiley:

LOVE the style and illustration. will definitely buy jewel!