Derby entry comments for Derby #117: Halloween

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I really like the changes you’ve made. It looks great- good job!

It’s macabre, in the style of cute!

got my vote!

Only one has the trick or treat bag because ghosts can’t eat candy!

HA!!! love it.

Hooray for Boots! You’ve done it again, I love this design and think the edits are perfect. Great job, as always.

hey ya’ll! just some kids with the classic cool costumes out trick or treating!

Thanks guys! Mmm… guts.

Vedy nice. I like the changes too. GMV

Awesome job! Love the style. GMV

I really love your style.

Also, the face of the mummy kind of reminds me of Casper. Maybe 'cause he’s also white.

hilarious. i predict derby champ.

please check out the resubmission of this entry!

[but srsly it’s mai pumpkin


Silly kitty, the candle belongs in the pumpkin not you.

I haven’t done an entry with a cute animal for a long time, and this derby seemed perfect. :slight_smile:

not sure I’m digging the heather grey, but I think the design is cute. I think the colors would look good on a cream, or other neutral color. Regardless, good luck!

[Ok, I redid the design, hopefully it is more understandable now :slight_smile: Let me know what you think:](

Well done, mate!

you crack me up, seki!

I’m glad you submitted one this derby! YOU’RE AMAZING! :slight_smile: /fangirl.

I’m convinced that you purposefully create designs around animals just for spite, l0l…

Its what really happens to some of those unfortunate pumpkins during the night.

would you like some glue? :frowning: