Derby entry comments for Derby #118: Visual Puns

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I don’t know if I’m going to be able to help myself with this derby- I promised a friend I’d do this entry, and I’m working on at least one more- we’ll have to see how things go :slight_smile:

“The Beetles”

UPDATE - Version 2 on Asphalt is now ready for voting for those who don’t like Heather Grey. And in V2 one of the cars isn’t wearing “shoes”!

Re-submitted to fix some issues

air guitar.

3 colors on brown.

Ha! I love the style and the colors. GMV!

I think this shirt would look better on any other color…but not heather gray.

I laughed the whole time I worked on this…
It’s unique, I believe…

Decided to reimagine this idea from a previous derby. :slight_smile: Hope you like. The last one is a wireless mouse. :wink: He’s a little shocked about his tail situation.

Whip It. Whippet.

hehe, nicely done

I’ve seen stuff like this before.

Oh you hit a sweet spot :). Will buy if it prints.

He might look cute but he is a bear faced lyre.

Film at eleven!

Not my best work, but worth subbing nonetheless… IMHO

It’s the part of the shirt that you read… it’s very small and convenient.

Well…visual puns.

This is a theme I had a real struggle with ^^;. I found that most of what I wanted to do was already out there, sadly. But, I did remember this turtle we had when I was a kid named Reggie, he was a box turtle. He was hilarious, as he would claw at our sliding glass door until he inched it open and then proceed to get lost in the house. I just think turtles are funny, cute, wobbly, neat critters. So, here’s some box turtles in honor of Reggie!

Adobe Illustrator CS2