Derby entry comments for Derby #120: Double-Take Derby 7

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Thanks for all the support for Japan Fan the last time, hope it gets another chance this time!

As always, feedback (though I can’t make any changes this time;) and votes appreciated.


HA HA HA, So I guess they did put the pun derby shirts into this derby! YAY!

Here’s the close up again guys and gals! Hope you all enjoy!



Were You Aware?
This was my first ever derby entry to fog?

Were You Aware?
This shirt was inspired by the comically evil substitute teachers of Louis Sachar’s Wayside School series?

Were You Aware?
The earth’s atmosphere contains more than twice the mass of the earth’s oceans?

Were You Aware?
The first successful skydive was performed in 1879, nine years before the invention of the diving helmet?

Welcome once again to the world’s only shirt with a mustachio’d cactus wearing a fez!

Were you aware?
The fez was introduced by the Ottoman military in the 1400s, and was padded with metal to serve as a combat helmet?

Were you aware?
Fez Cactus has a set of floating (but functional!) wings attached to his vase?

Here we go! :slight_smile:

I NEED this!

So many child shirts I would never wear. I would actually wear this, it makes me laugh. I love this stinkin bear.

Yeeehaw! GO, go, go exploding bear!

This was a well-received late entry during the Two derby, hope it is well-received again:)

As always, feedback (though I can’t resubmit this time;) and votes appreciated.


why are people voting for this? would not wear…

My favorite shirt in this derby… pleaaaasee fog up

This shirt creeps me out…

You’ve got my vote again! I love all the different shades of blue.

This is my favorite, and my first sub here!

So happy this made the double take. GMV again!