Derby entry comments for Derby #121: Propaganda for Everyday Life

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Detail of the character design

Much larger image

Thanks to jabberjaws13 for the help with the text! The text on the shirt is his!

Hey, it could happen. We should be prepared.

I am digging the new hotness and fog set ups.

Please support my Swine Flu Prevention campaign!

Fear the swine flu.
He wants to see us all sick!


I hope you like it. 3 colors on asphalt

Special thanks to odysseyroc and TheyKilledKenny for the title and the advice! gracias!

Stop Urban Development! Poor wolf!

I just had to do this one since it is a rule I have always been sure to follow myself! Plus I figured if bootsboots could make “Sperm Whales Make Great Seamen” grandma friendly, then I could make “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow” tasteful (no pun intended)! :slight_smile:

Click Here for a Larger View!

As always, I am open to comments and suggestions. I do know that yellow is not usually the best color for the shirt itself, but given the content, I just had to go with the yellow - I hope I made it work! I am also curious as to how people feel about the stencil font instead of the Russian block font that I do like, but thought would be overdone in this derby…

The Apathy Coalition.

Thought I’d paste the explanation I posted below as to how I feel “apathy” is one of the unwritten rules of society (in case anyone was wondering and doesn’t scroll down):

I think appearing apathetic is an unwritten rule of society (especially if you’re a hipster?). You’ve gotta play it cool. Case in point: if someone desirable asks you out, you should NOT grab them and shout, “Ohmigod! I’ve been doodling our names together in my notebook for SO LONG! Yes! Yes! YES!” Instead maintain your apathy, and shrug carelessly as you say, “Sure. Whatever.” and all will be well.

This is based on the famous Loose Lips Sink Ships poster. Heavily influenced by the fact that I was eating chips and salsa when the derby theme was announced.

they are trying to silence us, but everyone knows the bird’s the word.

HA ha ha I wish the extra words on the right were on the shirt somewhere. This made me laugh.


OK. I should probably explain. Ragazze is italian for “girls” the text around the border reads. “to do the dishes-to clean up my room-to do the laundry-and in the bathroom”

So, if you get that, then the microphones at the bottom should make more sense:)

Gotta dig the Family Guy reference! I love your style on this one, too.

a great pet peeve of many people, this was my wife’s suggestion for a better world

Very nice idea. Love your style!

The slogan is from a familiar Jefferson quote… “A Man with Courage… is a Majority”

Eeew Jewel, I work at a grocery store and this woman looks like one of my cashiers! xD

Mmmmmmm flapjacks! Here’s a larger image if you’d like.

Thanks for helping me on the forums xazothia and jel2301. :]

And if you have any suggestions please let me know, I feel like there are some changes that should be made that I can’t quite put my finger on. :\