Derby entry comments for Derby #122: Family

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I thought this was a good derby to dedicate a design to my 2 week old son.

Thanks for the feedback pre-derby!

More welcome.

Votes too - thanks!

It’s so hard when families get torn apart by greedy game playing kids. Just let the stuffed animals be. That machine is their home!

It’s a Boy!.. And a Girl!.. And a Boy!..

So it’s basically nothing you can’t see on TLC or the Dicovery Channel, and plus they’re plastic so I think it qualifies as PG.

Love knows no boundaries.

Trouble in the Family.

Can you tell I’m a woodwind player? Anyway, it was fun to make.

Nice work. Spaghetti and octopi go well together!

Wonder how long until this gets rejected…

That’s kinda morbid.

There’s Nothing Like Family

I hope you like it

4 colors on asphalt

Here is a detail, faces made by tentacle…duh!

Thanks for all the guys who help me to improve it on the foro! Gracias.

Yes, for some reason, the best family show in my mind is Meerkat Manor.

Perhaps this lovely family portrait of Mr. and Ms. Ing Link and their offspring provides an amusing, if not plausible, explanation for the missing link?

Family tree - family members ripen on the tree, becoming plump, shiny and juicy, while windfalls litter the grass beneath the leafy fruit-bearing branches and gradually rot down.

Yes, it is faintly dark and grimly humorous in five colours on olive green - but the shapes and textures are cheerful enough to oblige anyone to do a double-take.

Thanks for all your comments!: Manvyi, tico0001, Draug
I tried to incorporate all your valuable ideas in time.
It didn’t turn out the way I intended though. Hopefully if I have time.
I’ll scan this and redo my design with more shades and volume. Hopefully, lol
Also, thanks armandoberra!

drool hits mouse which in turn clicks on I’d want one button

The Spruces have made it a family tradition to scour the streets of Moscow for the perfect Christmas Dimitree…

if they all got together we’d be so screwed.

Kawaii! X3 gmv