Derby entry comments for Derby #124: Naughty and Nice

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…also known as “I may be slow and steady but my missiles aren’t.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh wow, I spent a lot of time on this. It was really complicated to do the machinery- I’m not used to drawing weaponry but it was a lot of fun designing it- I used a ton of random references to try to get the overall look down (one was them was a Lego gatling gun ;D ). Hope you like!

edit: The reason the tortoise is past the rabbit is that he killed him and passed him in the race. I think it makes sense. :slight_smile:

outside the lines.

6 colors on white.

Haha, I like this.

The chubby demon has quite the taste for children, but in the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, he is changing his ways!
After the holidays… who knows. I wanted to execute this design with a strong children’s storybook feel, and the creme shirt was the best option for this. I hope you guys like it, and thanks as always for your support and votes.



Link to large composition:

Even the world’s deadliest assassins need to make a little time for romance.

The Search for a Brain Hits a Snag

I figure “cute to evil” will win out this week, but I couldn’t resist “evil to cute”.

Hurrayyyy. Cute but not cute. I really had a tough time with this theme bc i was just angry the whole time. Votes is welcome. :). Also, any Warhol fans my shirt is up at threadless for a few more days voting.

Ho my poor bacon, you are high in calories, but low in self esteem…

I hope you like it, and thanks so much to all the people who help me!, You guys always are the best!

5 colors on brown

Cute as a Button?

This is really clever, and I like it lots. :slight_smile:
Way to go!

love it!

Again with the expressionless creatures. Shouldn’t the turtle be feeling something? It also seems odd he’s facing away from the dead rabbit with no movement of fleeing the scene. Just standing there. Dead-eyed. As always.

goldfish always look so cute and innocent… unless they get behind the wheel of a deathbot-3000


Orange its a good choice!! love it.

Very much a fan monsieur Draxxx

I still might rethink things and change my mind! (thanks Walmazan)

This would make more sense if they were flipped.

BOW-CHICKA-BOW-WOW!!! Cellular mitosis!