Derby entry comments for Derby #125: Birds

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bat & robin.

on black.

It’s my first heather grey design.Yay?

How many bullets does it take to reach the center of a smart-ass owl?

Six colors on tootsie roll brown!!

Inspired by art nouveau, thanks to Jasneko for tips on the color scheme!

Larger image can be seen here!

Have you heard?

The bird is the word!

Bird bird bird, bird is the word.

The title of this means “Become a bird”, and it’s taken from a song by my favorite singer/songwriter, “Rasen (Spiral)” by Chihiro Onitsuka. :slight_smile:

watashi wa tori ni nari
zattou wo tondeyuku
mayoi wa hane ni nari
subete wo furikitteyuku

“I become a bird
and fly over the crowd
My doubt becomes wings
and I shake off the weight of everything”

Larger image can be seen here.

The Keeper of Crimson Ghosts tends to these lost souls in between the world of the living and the dead.
This design is inspired by several old beliefs that a departed soul appears as a bird.

Thanks in advance for any comments and votes. I hope it came out to your liking!




Link to a larger composition:

Ding. Ding. Order’s up!

Such a cute and innocent shirt hides what you REALLY feel

I feel like this is a kinda loose connection, but it’s quite nice, as always. gmv

Yay… I like the expressions.

Stupid parrot, always crashin my parties.

I don’t get it. What does this have to do with birds? (Other than birds would eat these.)

gary larson may call you.

A Posse of Turkeys.

I’m such an idiot. I’m sorry. I didn’t even see the bird’s feet. >.>

great perspective illustration!



It’s official. You’re my favorite now. Everything you’ve been doing, I’ve been loving.