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I often wonder how butterflies manage to survive when they’re so defenseless inside the cocoon. I like the idea of something big and stately protecting them when they’re small & vulnerable, plus lately I’ve been liking the idea of strange collections of things too.

Link to larger image :slight_smile:

Best viewed when listening to Journey!

I combined various symbols of renewal - Egyptian (the Scarab), Maori (the swirls), and some sort of eastern eternity knot (Buddhist or Sanskrit). The knot also works in Celtic stylings as well. :slight_smile:

Revival of the gramophone. :slight_smile:

Organic, planty growth-like, abstract renewal.

Thanks for the opinions on this.

Feedback and votes welcome!

oh! those glasses. reminds me of grandma. :slight_smile:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A mushroom is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, known for being haunted by the disembodied spirits of the animals whose precious molecules were recycled as per the mushroom’s metabolic processes [citation needed].

You may want to view it full size.

I love the glasses too.

Glad you chose blue. It feels more “fresh” :slight_smile:

The main symbolisms of the dragonfly are renewal, positive force and the power of life in general. Dreamcatchers protect the dreamer from bad dreams. So wearing this you could have positive dreams of a great new year.

No dragonflies were harmed in the making of this t-shirt.

Renew our planet through recyling!

So nice.

The Wheel in the sky keeps on turning. Even on Christmas.

Forgot to add a clickable link to larger image.

This is beautifully intricate, but looking at the close up view, it looks like it has more than just white ink. Woot was pretty specific about that this week.

So this was slightly controversial in the design thread. The dinosaur is pulling the smartcar and therefore not using any of the nonrenewable resource, fossil fuel to power the car (he’s a dinosaur there is a pun somewhere in there). Because the dinosaur is walking he is using a renewable resource.

Someone said it looked like the dinosaur was being walked which is sorta true and I thnk that is on theme aswell. Making a statement about how cars should run on renewable resources. The smart car takes a step in the right direction with fuel efficiency and since that car is taking a step in the right direction the smart car would be friends with the dinosaurs (or atleast fossil fuels) and would take the dinosaur for a walk. Whew, that was to much typing. Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Oh, I really do love dinosaurs.

Edited because it was confusing and it probably still is.

Put on your happy faces, folks. :slight_smile:

Thanks (Boots too)! They’re so he can see the little winged things better. I used to keep monarchs when I was a kid and I had the same glasses at the time too. The 80s were rough.

Alright, my second derby!

This shows a semi-abstract view of the regeneration of a tree leading to new life from a dead mass.

The entire picture was hand drawn by myself but the curly tree was inspired by this picture:

Thanks for looking!

Don’t really know how this is renewable i don’t think i’ll be understanding very many of the entries though. I don’t really care though either, this is awesome. Print it,I’ll buy it. First in a longgggg while.