Derby entry comments for Derby #130: Nightmares

NOTE: There is NO text in this image! There is some black spots on white that suggest deplaidated text but if you see any words, they are an optical illusion.

The evil monster reminds me of Monster’s Inc. Not a specific monster, just the style.

Great design, as usual. :slight_smile:

You’re a seriously skilled illustrator. Here’s hoping you find the audience you deserve.

Ohh shiny.

GMV. I’d buy it for myself except I’d rather not have a white orb on my boob. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Would buy for my boyfriend though!

According to Ramyb’s own words, nope. Apparently having a child version of death on a playground horse is a nightmare. Really scary, huh? Sure as hell keeps me awake at night.

if you had a dream of a clown eating a pug wouldn’t you be a little wierded out? I just used Goya’s paint as a refference for a freaky wierd subject.

This is pro. Great job and gmv.

Maybe Death is revisiting his childhood and rocking on the horse after killing all of the children?

I really like this design, but I can’t help but think that the detailed work is somewhat lost and loses something when shrunk down so much.

There isn’t any way to make it a bit bigger to show it off is there?

Ha, I had the exact same idea in my head, except with oranges! Layout and everything;)

Reminds me of Pajama Gladiator:

Maybe it’s the playground’s nightmare, buwahahahaha!

You sound confident! I think it’s more like ‘if’ it hits the hotness;)

Heh well be glad you posted your reaction;) Super Bowl Sunday - ha! Thanks jabber:)

This reminds me of your select :smiley: I’m a fan. Voted!

Actually, I would be tempted to draw on the shirt

super cool :slight_smile:

Nice one. Those things were terrifying.

I guess you could say that a vision of horrible things to come would be Nightmarish, but I think you probably should have saved this for the Apocalypse Derby…

Creepy! I like your style!

It looks like, um, something else to me.