Derby entry comments for Derby #130: Nightmares

I love your little people.

This is really neat. I love the colors and the style and the slight strangeness.

It’s situations like these when one always finds oneself without a thumbtack.

Very Nice, GMV!

Voted UPPPPP! The green and purple is a neat color choice. It really works and I’m not sure why.

It looks like a water bear is going to eat him!


I love the spirits and the teddy bear. So much, in fact, that I kind of wish the kid in the bed weren’t part of the design. REALLY nice job on them.

hehe, classiest joke of its kind for you too?:wink: Thanks TkKenny.

Of course the tp is stressed - it would a nightmare for tp too!;D
Doubt it will go far enough for you to get your first red, but thanks… if you hadn’t posted about your laugh in the pre-derby thread, I might not even have submitted it!

Heh, the quest for the ultimate hot sauce would be a whole new nightmare for toilets!

lol I know right? I was a bit embarrassed thinking of it, let alone submitting it! Thanks JesseByah!:slight_smile:

Oh dear. What would you suggest for the thumbnail? I could resubmit…
Happy to hear this is giving some laughs and cracked you up! Though chili is no laughing matter to the toilet paper, as you noticed;)

It would really help to give that week advance for the derbies. The entries thus far kind of suck.

Badass is definitely the word for it. It’s not my style of shirt to wear, but mucho props nonetheless. It looks great. Maybe I should even consider broadening my style…

Cute! And I keep staring at the floor. You did a really good job on it.

I think you’ve just inspired a future water bear design. That thing is ridiculous. :slight_smile:

I’m impressed.

Too dark… not the humor, just the shirt.

1.)No, I just know to keep the extra very close by. :slight_smile:

Yay! Water bears are amazing, totally worthy of a shirt. :smiley:


Sorry. :wink:

You used to have nightmares of being death on a playground rocking on a horse?

This is great. I read it in his voice after I figured out what they were. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments guys. So glad you like it

omni - You got that it was woodcut-y. Awesome. I was trying for that!

The theme says to draw what you see in the nightmare, not what you are.

Anyway, thanks for the kind words to everyone who enjoyed the design, and also thanks for the wonderful debate that I’ve learned to cherish on my every thread.