Derby entry comments for Derby #130: Nightmares

It’s hard to see the detail on the person and creature in the bed. They may be too small to show when printed. I am also concerned that the whole design may be larger than the allowed area.

Can you make the dream bubbles smaller, and the beds/creatures larger?

Hey I remember this one! I really like the colors here. Especially on the cats 'n dogs. They look like bite sized snacks, which probably has no relevance to the design, but makes me like it even more.

I guess I do not need to comment on this… :slight_smile:

(Brown woot t-shirt + 3 colors).

See other creations of mine out of the woot territory.

I’m gonna eat you with my little mouth…

Do you have a square to spare.

Pretty good. I really like the “bunny” outside the window.

Ummmmm… Celebrity…

If only Death Jr. were pointing at a small child or something. I like it, just think it would have put the ‘off theme’ topic to bed if it were pointing at something.

Thank you so much!
I put a lot into my designs, and it’s incredibly encouraging to hear that they’re appreciated, whether or not they win.
It’s comments like these that keep me coming back week after week. :slight_smile:

Another nice shirt by you Walz :slight_smile:

So there’s no chance that this is Death’s nightmare?

Ah I see. Well, I like the design overall, as a stand-alone tee. As for topic, however, it will be up to Woot to decide if this should stay or go. :\

Well iam glad you submitted it then! I love it! I showed it to my boss and he said it reminded him of his house on Super Bowl Sunday! Good luck!

Some detail guys, I hope you like it!

NOTE: There is NO text in this image! There is some black spots on white that suggest deplaidated text but if you see any words, they are an optical illusion.

The evil monster reminds me of Monster’s Inc. Not a specific monster, just the style.

Great design, as usual. :slight_smile:

You’re a seriously skilled illustrator. Here’s hoping you find the audience you deserve.

Ohh shiny.

GMV. I’d buy it for myself except I’d rather not have a white orb on my boob. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Would buy for my boyfriend though!

According to Ramyb’s own words, nope. Apparently having a child version of death on a playground horse is a nightmare. Really scary, huh? Sure as hell keeps me awake at night.

if you had a dream of a clown eating a pug wouldn’t you be a little wierded out? I just used Goya’s paint as a refference for a freaky wierd subject.