Derby entry comments for Derby #130: Nightmares

Thank you! I admit I have an unreasonable attraction to orange and blue together <_<

Love it!!!

OMG I love that book! Terry Pratchett= <3


What’s all this, then?!

A Baku is a Japanese spirit that eats nightmares for sustenance.

Nutritional Facts

1 Dream (5 oz)

Calories - 110
Sodium - 90mg
Your house, but like, not your actual house - 5mg
Freudian Imagery - 2g
Giant squirrel that could talk - 6g
Being chased and you don’t know why - 8g

Not a sufficient source of Abraham Lincoln or acrobats on a battleship.

Awww, I wanna hug 'em. X3

Fun to see someone else’s interpretation of baku!
Nice job - I like the subdued colors, and your interpretation of nightmares. The purple is a good addition to keep it from being too drab.

Really love this illustration. Great colors, characters, and atmosphere.

This is badass. Very Lovecraft meets Nightmare on Elm Street!

Love it! totally has my vote :slight_smile:

Go check out the complete image from this following link:

Baku buddies!

I dig those colors and choppy linework. Looks sweet!

Cute, but I’m having some trouble connecting this to the theme.
It seems like it’d have been far more at home in the “Naughty and Nice” derby.

Neil Gaiman = <3 <3

“I don’t want to be bacon… I don’t want to be bacon… I DON’T WANT TO BE BACON!!!” The pig quickly arose from its listless slumber to realize that for now, he was safe. “It was just a dream…”

I figure that anthropomorphic animals can have nightmares regarding the food products that they will eventually become.

This is awesome! I love the background, and the feel of the design.
Good luck to you!

I really like this design, but I think it would work better if the baku where on the left of the T-shirt, so he’s not just looking off the edge of the shirt.

The dream Scissors is having makes this design. I laughed outright! I was totally expecting more of the same nightmares as Rock and Paper were having, but not so!
Great touch - good luck!

Awesome. Just enough detail without going to far. Reminds me of some twisted cartoon or game. Someone needs to make one now.

So, it’s a balloon’s worst nightmare and probably others’ aswell. Vote it uppppp.