Derby entry comments for Derby #130: Nightmares

That one dream where you’re slowly getting sucked into the bed, then just whoosh! …you know… if you hadn’t woken up you’d be flushed out to Hades.


Great work in the design, but I could never wear the shirt, I have a this serious extreme irrational fear of clowns. Sad I know…

I think you did an interesting take on a rather hackneyed topic. Not in for one because me no likey video games, but damn fine job nevertheless.

Ever since I was driving through Alabama and saw the Mobile Museum of Art’s Goya exhibition last year, I’ve been wanting to do a shirt based on the composition and imagery of the famous “The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters” print. So here it is.

I know video game references are contentious, but I’m very proud of this design and I hope you like it, too.

edit: Here’s what the Goya print looks like for those who don’t like clicking links.

I dig it. Thanks for the kind words. :slight_smile:

looks like the horse is wearing a toupee.

I wish I could have gotten this submitted earlier but at noon, the submissions page wasn’t ready. I guess it’s for a different time zone… figures.

My son sleeps with his protector, his stuffed tiger. Same concept… Tiger is there to protect him from any monsters that may be around. Great illo, thanks for putting our world on a shirt.

he and dr rockso will be in my nightmares


I’ve tried typing a decent reply… but meh.

It all comes across weird or disgusting.

so “shrug” is all you’re gonna get.

That and the explanation of the shrug

Oh, and that last bit. (Damn, this never ends)

Holy crap, the description.

“Recurring Nightmare”

too good bro too good.

This is very similar to There’s a Nightmare in My Closet… but I do like the illustration better. Good job.

If only all video game parody designs were like this one, I’d never have a problem with them. Wonderfully drawn, much more than simple reference, and all around a very clever parody.

Rock it.

I don’t know why I came back… I can’t compete with you.

I agree on all of those points! I love this style too.

Wow, this is gonna win in gigantic proportions. Looks great.