Derby entry comments for Derby #130: Nightmares

Hahaha, that’s a funny concept :slight_smile:

Hey Mr. Schwarzenegger, it sure was nice of you to invite me to your secret underwater lair so we could have a videogame tournament! …What am I holding? You said to bring a paddle… Well, you weren’t very specific!! …What do you mean this is gonna be a deathmatch?! Can you even do that with this game?! Ugh…

…Hey, how long have I been naked?

Those candles are just in the wrong place… and I am sure for many other females.

HAHAHA. I love it!

Hey, maybe Adder collaborated with someone for this shirt! And this really is his worst nightmare, I imagine it actually is.

No text this week.

Do the numbers count as text? This is my first entry.

Numbers and symbols both, if I’m not mistaken. I think they’ve also counted triangles as text before.

Not sure how else you could display the score… Sorry I’m not much help!

I would consider it a nightmare if I had a dream I was eating my dog. I am a pet parent, and would hate to think of eating any of them.

And if I had a dream that this clown at any of them… wow.

But I could never wear this shirt because of my irrational fear of clowns.

I’ve been checking the derby every few hours to see when this would get posted. This is simply amazing. I love it. Sure, it’s a video game reference…but that’s not what I love about it. You are a very talented artist and it certainly shows here. Well done. I’d be in for one (hopefully Friday night)!

Well done! I like the nightmare…the red was a good choice.

Welcome back!

I’ll take this one, Woot.


Is there a frame around the image? It looks like there’s one on the shirt.

Nope, it’s not just you.

I am so glad someone else remembers Little Nemo… I have it in my NetFlix query, and they can’t find it hah… so its been in there a while. GO LITTLE NEMO!

Thanks a bunch anyways, I’ll take any help I can get! Even if it gets rejected, it was good practice for me.

Nobody wants to drown! Not even your donuts!

Oh my… I love the reference. This was definitely a piece that I woke up for in Art History class.

I think I prefer the first version.
edit: No, I double-checked. This version is better, more readable.

Everyones had the nightmare of being in front of a crowd of your peers in a less then ideal level of dress :slight_smile:

Cute design but you’ve got too many colors in there. Woot allows a maximum of six.