Derby entry comments for Derby #130: Nightmares


That clowns’ gonna give me nightmares…

Love your line work.

Great colors. +1

Let the flame war begin.

Yeah, I’d have to agree. This just seems like a Grim Reaper on a playground, with no thing making it stand out as “nightmarish”. That aside, seems really kind of generic, unfortunately.

This is a beaut.

I’m pretty sure I near had an aneurysm when I heard about Good Omens - two of my favorite authors joining forces!
And then when I found out Yoshitaka Amano and Neil Gaiman’s “Dream Hunters…” There are no words.

Yes, yes. There are some nightmares we should just keep to ourselves.

Jewel, at your finest. Awesome.

Sweet. GMV. :slight_smile:

And thank you! Was that a clown I saw in your sig? I’m afraid to go check it out…

Wish the paper had some texturing like everything else, but great as usual.

Omnitarian: Yay baku buddies! high fives

Lagbert: I tried the design on the other side of the shirt, and I didn’t like it as much. The curve of the tail pointing to the outside seam somehow made it seem claustrophobic.
Having it on the right side drew the design into the shirt better, and made it seem more integrated.

Terry Pratchett > Neil Gaiman.


Meh…Nice idea, but the whole child nudity thing is kind of bothersome, even with the bar there. Plus, the faces don’t look like they’d be that terribly noticeable on the shirt. All I could suggest is perhaps doing something similar along the lines of public speaking, but maybe have the faces more monstrous/“nightmarish” and apparent, relative to the shirt, and maybe have the kid in boxers or something or, to ignore that entire argument, wearing normal clothes on the stage.

The fingers are awesome. Weird, that’s the first thing I noticed.

I think it’s supposed to be death’s nightmare-that he’s stuck as a child on a playground with a fake horse.

Or maybe he’s REMEMBERING his childhood.

Loved seeing this design progress, nice work!

How would you feel about having a nightmare like this? Grim reapers and death are commonly associated with nightmares, therefore this would be on topic.

Basically, a genius idea.