Derby entry comments for Derby #132: Heart

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The Heart Goes On. Like a neverending Celine Dion song.

Thanks for everyone who helped me decide on a color. I think the red looks pretty good.

I think this is a fairly straightforward interpretation of the theme: it contains both a pun and a heart. :slight_smile: Enjoy!

Large image:

A different telling of an old story. This one begins where Red Riding hood meets the wolf when he was just a pup. Through an act of kindness the wolf begins to understand what friendship and love is and grows a heart. They become inseparable. Gramma even sews a doggie bed for Wolf and keeps it by the fireplace to keep him warm when they visit.

In fact the story goes that one time he protected her from an ax wielding madman that runs around the forest.

Why Didn’t We Think of That?!?

A rework of my entry in the Shirt.Woot Heartbreak derby. Simplified, cleaned up, and added the heart background along with reducing to a single color print.

He really knows it’s a rock.

Sort of the anti-Valentine’s day shirt for people who may be a bit lonely that day. (though it’s just a hallmark day, it can get to ya!)

Feedback and votes appreciated, thanks!

Edit: And yes indeed, it is inspired by the song, ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’, by the band Yes. video

Yaaayy not orange!

I think the red makes it pop really well. First vote of the derby, good luck!

Ah if only he took the brain first, then he would understand the horror of what he just did.

Little different than my normal thing but yeah. its a boxing glove and a heart… probs another entry later this week. Votes? Votes.

This is a fun one. Hope you like it!

I love it! Nice job MJ.



A Barracuda with a heart.

An awesome song by a band named Heart.

Thanks for your vote or consideration.

On a tomato kick lately, Walmazan? :slight_smile:

Similar shirts exist. Lots of them.

this looks awesome on white and normally i dont like dark colors on white shirts.

the antithesis to the disapproving narwhal. :smiley:

ketchup might love tomatoes but i dont think tomatoes love ketchup