Derby entry comments for Derby #132: Heart

Hrm. On topic for once, which is a plus from RamyB or Seki. However, it’s still an incredibly inaccurate drum set, inaccurate EKG blip, badly shaded as usual with Seki’s works (no consistent light source, materials that should be flat look round and vice versa), and it does not feel original.

It feels as if they took two other, previously submitted shirts and meshed them together. Hearts playing the drums from the Red Heart Chili Peppers shirt, and the EKG wave and placement from Housekeeping (though there’s a really odd minor modification that makes it from accurate to completely inaccurate…).

To whoever just voted for me, thankyou! Thankyou for voting for the Burger King (not really!) of Hearts and his beautiful bride,the lovely Queen of Hearts!

(re: Caped crusader, worried that he has no legion of adoring fans.)

Caped Crusader you do have adoring fans.Me for instance! Your work is excellent.

This one is so cute!! The red is perfect!

Great idea Jadenkale! I also love that song. Ah Im such a child of the 80’s.

This one is so cute!! The red is perfect!

Ah, it is blue! I thought my monitor was messin’ with me.

Likewise. You may certainly consider me a fan, as you’ve submitted some very unique and well-drawn pieces.

Looks like Gossamer on steroids!

You are an insightful person ThatRobert, and your design is too.
Some people don’t like this derby topic but I do. I love the honest take you took on the nature of the human heart.

Awesome Jasneko! This is a departure from previous designs, and I like it alot. Love the texture!

I really do love this. I love the detail work you do. GMV

I think this is great, the design lends itself well to being on a shirt (which can be the hard part sometimes of creating it). GMV.

i dont see what the big deal is about this shirt.

its well drawn but meh, why would i wear it?

Hi Molbert,

Thank you for your comment! I totally understand how you feel – I’m one of those people who always has to wear dark clothes. In fact, when I first had this design idea, I was determined to put it on a cranberry or brown shirt. But, once I’d finished drawing it, I felt like the design needed to be on light blue. I think… it’s because of the orange tones in the coffee. Blue really makes them pop! And because brown is so similar to the coffee colors, I think the image would’ve come across as being a bit dull. Maybe that’s just me. I wanted something refreshing, airy and, dare I say, whimsical! So blue just struck me as being the best choice. :slight_smile:

I look at it this way: Because the design is relatively small and towards the top of the shirt, I could wear it under a blazer or a button-up/zip-up sweater/sweatshirt/jacket in a darker color. That way I’m still mostly in darker clothing, but I still have a nice splash of light blue to offset the design. :smiley:

Thanks again for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Mr. Wednesday is correct. On the entry form, there are several shirt templates that you can use to show how this will be placed on the shirt and how large.

I love this one. I really do hope it moves up. I voted :slight_smile:

I think you just won. good thing I checked the derby today.I’m in.

its ok tgentry…

it sucks that the woot community has changed so much, im scare that the general ignorance will keep you from submitting…

Is there something I’m missing here? I’m seeing people really getting the foamy teeth about people’s designs being 1. “bad” and 2. “inaccurate”…

My designs haven’t garnered tons of votes so I’m probably in no real position to talk, but I have to say I kinda don’t get it. If something is cute or cool and looks OK on a shirt, I’m surprised anybody would nitpick on accuracy… hell, humans aren’t yellow with 8 fingers but The Simpsons has been going gangbusters for ages.

To that point, I like the drumming shirt - I was going to do a similar design, but I hadn’t thought of the EKG in the background; I thought it was a genius move. I cannot and will not comment on its originality because I haven’t seen the “original” shirt you guys are talking about. Wait, I’ll say one thing: it’s hard to imagine more than the one way to do a wave like that; I’d probably have done the same look myself and, again, haven’t seen the grim reaper shirt mentioned.

Anyways, the comments about bad design seem just counterproductive. For example, I think the tiger/lantern design is OK - maybe not ZOMGAWESOMESAUCE to me personally, but I don’t see how people are spitting such venom at it either. Cutesy and cartoony are big draws, it seems, n’est ce pas?

Soooo yeah. I’m just surprised reading things like this. I see a lot of people in these derbies whose designs are awesome and I can only hope to be like (in artistic merit).