Derby entry comments for Derby #132: Heart

I dunno. They look pretty angsty right now. Keep your hand over your heart container and you might be okay.

Thanks for the support this week folks!

Also thanks for the feedback. I’ll take it into account for future entries.

looks like Goatse.

Thanks guys!

Really disappointed this isn’t going to print ;_;

I liked it better when this guy did it.

I will be very upset if this doesn’t win anything.

OK, sure, I guess I can see your point now. I don’t feel that it’s a rip-off in this case because I honestly can’t think of any other way of drawing an EKG on a shirt that would still make sense. The measurements scroll from right to left and you’re supposed to read them from left to right (in the sense that you watch it as it scrolls past), right? There’s only so much variation you can do while it’s still recognizable as an EKG; I don’t really know but apparently Ramy did his wrong. Eh.

Maybe my analogy with robots was a bad one then. With robots, there is so much more you can do to make a robot your own. But with an EKG - well, that seems a pretty standard thing to me.

Basically what I’m saying that there isn’t much style or execution when it comes to EKGs in the first place. It’s going to look similar to other EKGs, unless your drawing of it isn’t recognizable as an EKG in the slightest.

yup my mistake was to do the picture at 400 dpi.

make sure if this isn’t picked for HM. that you take it somewhere else…cause I want one.

I was just going to say that if get this printed elsewhere, let me know so that I can get one, but the Chef beat me to it (I feel like an egg now, haha).

I want this to be a shirt!!!

The similarity being that they both involve a heart with a drum set…? Still not seeing a problem here.

The heart playing the drum set is a heart “beating” on a drum, and the EKG is a visual representation of a literal heartbeat, making ramy’s entry a double entendre… whereas the shirt to which you’ve linked seems to include hearts simply because “heart” sounds vaguely similar to “hot”.

Ramy’s is a clever play on words. Odysseyroc’s… is not clever.

pretty cool :slight_smile:


I’d like to second that. =c)

I like the explanation another poster gave about the Tin Man’s back story. I never read the books so knowing that information makes this even more interesting. I really like the olive color and the whole design. I think it looks really cool and is a design that people will comment on because it’s very unique.

This is epic. I’ll buy it if it wins.

Team Jacob!!!

(sorry, I had to!)

Actually I think the chicken wrath in OoT was the best. Once you hurt a chicken enough, the game stops and centers on the chicken as he cuckoos to summon all his pals. Then there’s just a MASSIVE constant wave of chickens flying out of the woodwork until you leave the level :).

No worries about that! It printed. I got myself one already, and I love how it won by nearly 300 points.