Derby entry comments for Derby #132: Heart

Meh. I might like it better on brown…

Thanks odysseyroc, onesockjr, and Drakxxx :slight_smile: I’m glad people like my Hart, he likes all of you. <3

For sure. I totally forget about the kids shirts when I design this stuff.

but srsly its mai arrowz

I don’t want to get anyone in trouble but I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen this design before. I don’t think it was exactly the same, but it was close.


love your backgrounds. the trees are awesome.

Finally, a pink heart shirt a man can wear.

If your sweetheart doesn’t get this hint, perhaps it’s because she doesn’t want to.

Special note to Woot! that right there is a can of soda.

this is so clever! and all a single line. not a shirt I can wear, but it looks great. :slight_smile:

I had this problem too. I had to stare at the design for a couple of minutes before I made up my mind that the shadow must be screaming in agony. I think it would have worked better if the fists on the shadow were more placed on top of the head, with disheveled looking hair.

Other than that though, it’s a pretty good illustration of the actual story.

There is nothing wrong with this as a design, however, similar shirts do exist. It will probably be a target for rejection, unless you add something to differentiate it from the other tees listed. Might try a variation, perhaps a crack in the empty heart with red pixels dripping out?

Definitely got my vote and my second comment ever on woot. :wink: I WILL buy it if it prints.


I had a design like this for the Heartbreak derby. Although I don’t think it’s intentional since it’s a pretty general concept.…_its_yours…_please…-ulnw6f-s.jpg

The theme of this shirt is tangential to the theme of this Derby. Primarily, this is a shirt about the Chinese New Year. Additionally, it links to that the idea of Valentine’s Day, a reasonable but tangential connection. Because it involves Valentine’s Day, there are hearts. The hearts are by no means the centerpiece of the composition, nor the focus, nor are they even a focus. They are just there, in the background.

In addition, the poor color choices will make this shirt print with ink that blends into the shirt’s color. The resulting shading, which is already incredibly inaccurate for the depiction, will look even worse and mostly transparent.

The tiger’s face is flat and unshaded. Lighting effects have also been poorly done throughout the composition.

The worst aspect of the shirt, however, is that as another Wooter pointed out, it makes no sense outside of the context of the Derby. Some people may enjoy wearing shirts that are utterly incomprehensible to an arbitrary stranger. I am not one of those people. I find such behavior to be more or less antisocial.

If you are a fan of explaining why you are wearing a tiger with a bow, or really don’t care what strangers think of you, feel free to vote for this garbage, I guess. I’m certainly not stopping you.

This is so wonderful. Way to go, Boots!


This looks amazing. I can see why you left out the monkey. This is a much tighter design. But I have an idea. What about taking the monkey on the tree stump and having him hold a heart? He could be his own design. :slight_smile:

Sexy one-color simplicity! I like it, nice work, Robert! :smiley:

Nicely done, I love the unexpected colors. :slight_smile: As an acid reflux-sufferer, I would totally wear this.

GMV Boots, this derby is yours.