Derby entry comments for Derby #132: Heart

even giant formless monsters of darkness like hugz :3

i think i would’ve preferred it on a black shirt, but i LOVE the execution (no pun intended) on this one. :smiley:

Very nice. Reminds me of old time illustration.

Great characters, all so unique and interesting. The whole scene is laid out perfectly on the shirt space too.

I have become a fan of your style also. Hoping to own one of yours soon.

very charming!

i absolutely ADORE this version of the story
its cute~!
awesome shirt too, though i agree that the green might fade a bit…

It looks an awful lot like the same color scheme of cmdixon’s shirt on the front page today…and since I already bought that, don’t know if I could do with another red and light tan on asphalt…

Inspired by Joseph Conrade’s novel “The Heart of Darkness”.

i love this, but i think the turtles are right over the tatas >.>

Good show.

Yeah, I don’t really like the girl. I think I will resub without the girl, but I am away from home right now, so won’t be able to resub til Sunday! ahhh

Jean-Claude Van Damme says vote for this shirt!

Click below to see the full image:

hearts and thoughts they fade.

fade away.

3 colors on brown.

Oh, if only it weren’t olive - olive shirts unfortunately turn me monochrome greenish brown. :frowning:

Placement is an issue with the ladies, I think.

If you clean this up and change the hearts to a color other than pink, I’d be all over it.

You have to use the heathered gray shirt template - unless you meant to use the asphalt color shirt.

When it prints, I will buy.

Cute, but I don’t know if you’re going to get away with the Link reference - might be a copyright issue for Woot.