Derby entry comments for Derby #132: Heart

LOL Kingdom Hearts. My favorite game of all time, next to the classic Sonic and Super Mario World. But, not for a shirt. Too close to the property, and Disney is very good at lawsuits… This is super cute though. It would sell like mad to fans of KH :slight_smile:

hahaha, fair enough. That was a most excellent shirt design. His technique was top notch too.

damn, hardcore love.

he should have offered her the fish

Thanks Sarah89!=)

Here’s a nice tidbit of info you all can use against me: <—giant Celine Dion fan

It is true…HAHAHAH! (holds out membership card to fan club) I know. Throw your tomatoes now…

Still loving this design!!!

Wow! This, is spectaclar! Very different type of entry, I love the color scheme. Wonderful work.

The XX chromosomes…they make me love the CUTE! I cannot help myself. This is adorable.

Man…I wish this would move back up. So super cute ;_; Someday I will have one of your shirts!

I kind of feel that way too!

I love your creatures. They always look awesome. I’ve voted on quite a few of your submissions for these very unique seussian critters.

GMV again

Augh…I tell you, if I had some more money available, I’d just pay to have this printed myself. This is so aweeeessoooooommme.

This is great, Marz. So unique. I like this new style you’ve got going on here.

i like this card knight… maybe he needs some card knight friends to joust with?

An elephant’s giant heart beats only 28 times per minute, which according to scientists and romantics alike is just fast enough for love.


Oooo, I like this – I think I’d like it even better on brown to give it that whole chocolates on Valentine’s Day sorta vibe.

Oh my god, as an electrical engineering major, I’d be obligated to buy one of these.

I love this design; colors and everything. I want one!

Please consider resubbing it without the scarf - either as a plain cat or as a lion. I think you’d get more votes.

The Doctor should be on this shirt with his two hearts…