Derby entry comments for Derby #132: Heart

Please vote for my "burger king " and queen of hearts! (only kidding he’s not the burger king, I’ve just been wanting to say that for days!

Hmmm. This design is really hard for the eye to grab onto. Perhaps if it were just the line art on a light-colored tee? All that high-contracst white against the asphalt distracts from the image for me.

I agree - this would be dynamite in full detail.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, was thinking I was getting all hate and no love :smiley:

Like mine, It came to late, but a very good design indeed!!! :slight_smile:

I always thought that Link was a heartless soulless bastard. This just proves it.

Nice satchel.

I agree - first thing I noticed. The shading on the kit makes it look ‘pillowy’, not like smooth sides. And the bass drum shading is not just weird, with that texture, but it’s reversed from where it should be. Makes the drum look like there’s no outer skin and you’re looking inside the thing.
Conceptually, I like, but the flaws did jump out at me.

This is a good idea.

Very nice job on the Heart of Darkness design!

If you look at the comments that start on the Derby page, you will see a discussion of the actual placement of the heart in the human body, just barely left of center. I sould have prefered that placement.

But I love how your design conveys the idea of Heart while also representing the Jungle. Nice job, well executed. Conrad should be honored.

You and Baloons :wink: GMV…

balloons, sorry.

This really pops! It’s simple but very cool.

I try really hard to be oblivious and you’re making me notice you with all these solid designs week after week. Dang it…

Thank you for your support! you guys are the best!

I love the idea you have put out here for everyone, compassion . The feeling in your heart when you are compelled to help someone. I would enjoy having this shirt.

I like those earphones wierdpucket! Everyone! Vote for the suggestive guitar!

Hmm I am not an artist so maybe my eye for detail is not good enough, but this does not seem any more intricate than “Thin Red Lines.” Woot is selling that shirt today.

This is so cute happy frog! You better try to get your image to appear on a woot tshirt template though each time you submit although the shirt you drew is so cute !! It is not too late to fix it we will re-vote!

+1 :slight_smile: