Derby entry comments for Derby #132: Heart

There definitely was. If you whacked a cuckoo a few times in a row, it would get pissed off and summon up some reinforcements to chase you down until you either hid inside a house or died of pecking wounds.

They did the same thing with pigs as well in Windwaker.

This is a great shirt and one that would be fun to wear!

I love this song. Got my vote, J.

I love the hearts and the colors and the idea of reading your future in your palm also it is so pretty. (when my nephew was 2 he was batman for halloween and I got him to say “I am Batman!” It was cute. Anyway, very very nice one Batman!

I can see how their heads used to join to form a heart. I would love to see the same couple joined to form a heart it would look like they were kissing, noone has done a kiss.But you could.But you did gmv.(because they are so annoyed with each other it is funny!)

This actually makes me want to exercise! It does look good on both colors & it brings out my inner Rocky !

30400? Thats very interesting . Your shirt gets people thinking and your little heart has a sweet personality.Plus your artwork looks really nice.

Please RESUB without the tree!!!

The woot rejectionator is kind of a prude and gets offended by farts on a design. Just letting you know before hand.

:frowning: probably won’t resub a third time. I’m learning lessons here at least . . .

Sokowa, it wouldn’t hurt you to resub without the tree…I am sure people would vote for both designs.But really there isnt a huge need to…people love the characters you have created so just hang in there 2 more days!

This is awesome.

This is great Kasey. voted.

Very effective!
Don’t forget to check out the literal lyric version of the song on youtube. Pure genius.

Don’t get discouraged!!! Your designs are among the very few that make me say “I must have!”. I can’t wait until one gets printed. It WILL happen!

id buy it for all my pill poppin friends, i love it !

Pill poppin? What! My real name is Abby. Nice to meet another one.


Awesome! And it’s going up fast!

This should be ranked higher