Derby entry comments for Derby #132: Heart

Link’s hearts made me exclaim “Awww” out loud.

Zelda for life. <3

I’ll be the first one to say that this is decent… again not something I would wear… but it doesn’t have a cute animal.

Maybe a heart with a boom box that is break dancing? lol.

Great colors! Great characters, background, presentation… but… that’s just creepy! I don’t think i’d actually wear this… sorry…

Would YOU like to re-create this shirt to the exact specifications of your liking?

That isn’t constructive criticism, as most of that was just harsh.
This isn’t supposed to be an exact replica of what happens in Zelda.
If you’d actually play the game, you’d understand that a large flock of chickens would be summoned to attack you endlessly until you went to a different location.
And it’s supposed to give us a mental image of what they’d do if it was possible to ever do such a thing. (Revenge, that is)

Be a little nicer.
MY criticism;
It’s amazing. It made me laugh… hard.
Not everything’s perfect, but art doesn’t have to be perfect to actually BE amazing. Good work, I love it. GMV. Hope it wins… I’ll definitely buy it.

If it’s just two versions, people do that semi-often. And, yes you can delete this, but I wouldn’t.

I really like this-- It’s already been said, but It’s just so simple that it works :slight_smile:

Aw, Shadow-Chicken is there too! xD

Yeah, I don’t particularly like the image I sent in…This is my first derby so I’m really just to figure all this out lol. I made one with a little better quality of the design. I might try to just resubmit the design…but I’m not sure on how to get rid of this one… I can definitely see what you mean though, I wasn’t too sure about the blue myself, maybe I’ll change it up if I resubmit.

I don’t know what got into me, I must be sick. I don’t even really like this topic. Neither of my late entries will win as I don’t have a legion of adoring fans nevertheless, here is old man heart. Nobody loves old man heart, but he keeps the place running. I don’t even know why or how I came up with this. Do your thing woot.

Holy HeartHead BatMan!

Even though it was rejected, I really liked this design. Can you PM me on how I can still get a shirt like this?

I think that ketchup bottles has had some work done, it looks way too good for its age. I bet if you check the label he has some High Fructose Corn Syrup and some preservative in him. That poor little tomato is about to get into a world of drugs and sploshing.

Hrm. On topic for once, which is a plus from RamyB or Seki. However, it’s still an incredibly inaccurate drum set, inaccurate EKG blip, badly shaded as usual with Seki’s works (no consistent light source, materials that should be flat look round and vice versa), and it does not feel original.

It feels as if they took two other, previously submitted shirts and meshed them together. Hearts playing the drums from the Red Heart Chili Peppers shirt, and the EKG wave and placement from Housekeeping (though there’s a really odd minor modification that makes it from accurate to completely inaccurate…).

To whoever just voted for me, thankyou! Thankyou for voting for the Burger King (not really!) of Hearts and his beautiful bride,the lovely Queen of Hearts!

(re: Caped crusader, worried that he has no legion of adoring fans.)

Caped Crusader you do have adoring fans.Me for instance! Your work is excellent.

This one is so cute!! The red is perfect!

Great idea Jadenkale! I also love that song. Ah Im such a child of the 80’s.

This one is so cute!! The red is perfect!

Ah, it is blue! I thought my monitor was messin’ with me.

Likewise. You may certainly consider me a fan, as you’ve submitted some very unique and well-drawn pieces.