Derby entry comments for Derby #132: Heart

That does present a paradox. you realize? Or at the very least sounds funny. The rest of your post was very intriguing as well, though I must say I’d side with the artists om this one. Despite it being difficult to claim love or hate for someone you’ve never met on the basis that it would be baseless, clearly it’s possibly to humanize them, through ideas we already have about people, and the little we know about these people (their t-shirt submissions, etc.). So why hate? Which isn’t to say it’s wrong. If this contest means that much to you, and these shirts seem like a violation of Woot’s sanctity and rules generally (a valid concern), by all means, hate. Personally, I think it’s a pretty cute anthropomorphized tiger.

(re;Jadenkales surprise to find 83 votes after falling asleep for 3 hours)

We are happy that you are getting a happy surprise!

sadly, the ‘om’ or ‘ohm’ has been denoted as text in the past. It may not be hit by the rejectionator (since it’s so late in the week) but you should understand that late in the game, or not, ‘No Text’ means just that: no text.

Yeah, it’s been a few years. I remember the pigs in Windwaker, but for some reason omitted the chickens from Ocarina. I always left the chickens alone though, except in Fable. :slight_smile:

looks like my idea has been one-upped. thanks for your votes…

Here is my vote. I like your design !

ooooh, pretty!

This design deserves way more votes. I believe it has been tragically overlooked

bats need some loven

Great linework here (and as usual). Always something to study!

I agree. I thought this was it! I really would love to buy it (please submit someplace else!). Love your stuff.

I think it would be hella cool if it was just the same, but smaller, and on the sleeve.

As you noticed Jasneko and I collaborated on an idea that we didn’t get submitted until minutes after your… (it’s okay though, great minds think alike, right?)

But we had the same issue. We were going to put it on the grass green. But realized a lot of people might not look good in in (i.e. me, a light skinned fairly light auburn hair chick.) And of course we knew that brown wasn’t going to be the best, and the royal blue was too popular of a shirt. I LOVE the cranberry shirt, just didn’t think it was going to “fit.” So we went with the olive. But our coffee has a bit more red in it.

I still am trying to decide how the baby blue would look on me, I have never tried to wear it.

Thats beautiful, I love city scenes!

Thanks! Hopefully I’ll be able to participate in the derbies more regularly again now fingers crossed I’d be happy to provide everyone with more creepy/cute little monsters! haha

I’m really flattered by how much people seem to like these characters. I WAS hoping to break into the fog but all the great comments have really just made this derby for me regardless:) Thanks everyone!

I am still loving this design Sakleehop!

Not that his penis looks like that. But that he doesn’t want a shirt with a heart attacking any penis

Insert loud applause here, especially for that last paragraph. More people would show support for these arguments if, you know, we weren’t called ‘stupid’ en masse all the time.

Snow Queen you are missing a far far more gruesome movie reference that is awesome to see here! Kill Bill rules.

Just bought and voted :slight_smile: Bobo says “Good Luck with the demonic child”