Derby entry comments for Derby #133: The Chinese Zodiac

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Sad dragon… the only animal in the zodiac that is imaginary… :frowning:

My sign is the dragon. My dad used to tell me that it was the best sign because since I wasn’t real, no one could eat me. :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy!

I thought of this design from the two derby when I saw the theme and was excited by the chance to rework it. I like how the original was structured, but wanted to make it much more detailed and generally better looking, so redrew it completely and tried to adjust things based on critiques of the original.

My hand still hurts from gridding and drawing scales for hours :stuck_out_tongue:

Zodiac Master

Here’s a LARGER IMAGE. :slight_smile:

This year’s zodiac animal made out of Chinese Tangram puzzle pieces.

This is a design I had partially finished for a while. I cleaned it up and present it to the wooting public!

Based on “Tyger Tyger” by William Blake

I want this SO badly. You are a genius.

Well, this is the best thing ever!

“Zodiac Take Out”

Dragon’s pretty hungry. Looking at his order he got:

Rat Fried Rice
Tiger Kung Meo
Bunny Dumplings
Shanghai Sheep
Peking Pig
Rooster Eggrolls
Mu Shu Monkey

Sadly, no matter how much he’ll eat he’ll still be hungry in 2 hours.

The Ancient Chinese Raggon

Haha, thanks guys. :slight_smile:

The hair…

I gathered these animals together myself and made prints of their paws/hooves last night. It was a lot of work and they did not get along with each other…Plus I had to find a freak’n dragon. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Very imaginative!

So, the dragon is crying because it’s not real? I’m not sure that’s entirely clear just looking at the shirt.


The Tiger arrives for the Zodiac Party, but the Ox runs away at the sight of him! The clever Rabbit decides to hide and wait until the Tiger leaves.

He’s eating Haagn Dasz ice cream?

I love their drunk love!

No ban on rabbits in this Derby! YAY!