Derby entry comments for Derby #134: Double-Take Derby Eight

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Based on an older illustration of mine of a cat puking kittens.

I’m happy to see this guy get another chance. Hopefully people will vote again. =D

It’s like the ugly duckling but with more punching!

Really pulling for this. Was crushed when it missed by just a few votes last time.

Oh goodluck! I would love to get this shirt for my Navy husband! GMV

I predict this will take 1st place. It’s not for me, but I can certainly appreciate it’s appeal and the skills of the artist. :slight_smile:


This would work better if it was part of a whole series. I would totally rock all them on the 12 days before christmas. Great concept!

Thanks in advance…

And they’re off! YAY bunnies.

Were you Aware?

The hard-shell taco was an American invention, first described by New Mexico cookbook authors in 1949?

Were you Aware?

Were you Aware?

Mushrooms consume oxygen and produce CO2, making their metabolic and respiratory process more similar to animals than to plants?

Were you Aware?

Over 42,000 gigatons of carbon are stored within the biosphere?



Mr. Kittypants will be happy when it’s all over, so he can go get his little handsies reparied ^^.

Nothing Like Family!

omg go bunnies! I will be so sad if this one misses out again.


This was a late entry before, a 3rd version of the design… hope it gets more of a shot this time entered in the beginning - thanks everyone!

I’m glad this is in the DT even though I don’t think it will do very well.