Derby entry comments for Derby #135: Faster, Higher, Stronger

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Hahaha. Voted.

Yeah it is. Way awesomer.

It’s Bear’s latest mobile suit!


Thanks for all the color help on this one earlier. Hope you like my final choice. I was trying to find a good balance where it sill looked vintage, but had some color.

Tomato, Onion and Meatball have teamed up with their Noodle buddies to dominate the jump rope scene! And if they fail and get tangled in their ropes, the result will only be even more delicious :slight_smile:

Who did not see this coming?

This looks wonderfully awesome!


It’s Edaward Hook Hands … errrrr :slight_smile:

He’s a cutie. But I feel really bad for the cat.

If he wanted love, maybe he should not have murdered the other little girl? :slight_smile:

I don’t know, I think scissors could be more useful…how did he cut off the second hand is what I want to know.

I’m trying to figure out how he sawed off the second hand.

Looks like the red betta fish has the faster moves!

I’ve always wanted to do another fishbowl design . . .

Cat seems to like it!

Nice color choices! I love his pink sweatshirt. It really looks like a soft cozy shirt.

Eh, at least it has some semblance of an expression.

Hahaha. They’d make great workout partners!

With his new awesomer hook hand, of course!