Derby entry comments for Derby #135: Faster, Higher, Stronger

The Urkel gods gave me some divine inspiration bc i was totally stuck on this derby before this idea. People, it’s Urkel. Vote for Urkel. He is hilarious.

I bet he hooked the saw handle, and just stroked away!.He’s Awesome.

I hope this prints – my husband will love it!

The cat is stuffed, right? eep

So pretty!

nab him
jab him
tab him
grab him
stop that pigeon now!

Awww man! Everyone did animals on/with rockets! Boooo, my brain, it is in tune with so many!

This is super cute, nice job on the details, esp on the turtle’s shell there. The shading on the rockets is a little bit off, which throws the perspective a bit for me. But eh, it is still cute and something I’d wear :). Art doesn’t need to be perfect to make me smile.

I also like the added expression to the turtle. :wink:

After months of saving up ink and ink pressure, this octopus was able to propel himself into the air faster, and higher than any other octopus had gone before. Hope you like it!

Here is a Larger Version.

Mr. Almazan,
You are very talented, and I sincerely hope this shirt prints so I can buy it.


Boots I love your robots - poor thing it’s so sad. Love the reference.

love your final color choice! this is lovely and wearable. gmv!

Haha! Badass

Oh man…LOOOOVE!!!

You may catch some flak for using a Hadoken, but hey, I still think it’s a cool design.

You should have spent a little extra time to work on the perspective of the jetpack. It’s terrible. And rocket turtle shirts are a dime a dozen. Unoriginal design. Again.

Knew this was yours as soon as I saw it… I’m still pining for 100% Wool.

I guarantee that Seki did, since it’s basically her turtle/rabbit entry redesigned.

hahaha whoooly crapola this is twisted


Run faster, fly higher, be stronger…with SUPER ENERGY!
One of the first things that came to mind with this theme was superheroes, and hence, this silliness.
Link to a larger comp here"

Thanks. Kalari gets credit for the title. :slight_smile:

Odd – looks a lot like sokowa’s turtle and hare design.