Derby entry comments for Derby #136: The New Vintage

it looks like it’s wearing conan o’brien’s hair. D:

This is perfect! Great work this week… how many more do you have in you?

I love this with all my heart. Also, go Team Canada! They’re taking both curling golds home!!!

yeah, the distressing is a bit overdone, imo.

HA! “Bread, the best thing since uncooked dough”

I kind of agree. It would be much stronger if for instance you did all modern references it would fit in with “new vintage”.

But I’m voting for this shirt for the Mr. Brightside reference. Good refernece.

I’m also guessing that you meant “Est.” not “Etc.”

So simple… and yet has the deepest message of any of this weeks submissions.

Boots, you are such a humanitarian.
Golf Clap

I would buy this in a heartbeat.

I would buy this in a heartbeat.

Oh man, those stupid colored circle things they used to put around everything. I freaking love this! Best derby in a long time.

that’s because it is

Here’s a close up. 2nd time drawing a horse. ahem I meant 1st time drawing a unicorn. :slight_smile:

Even though I hate almost anything from the 80s, I have to admit that you realy captured the feal from the song and video.

Your design have realy improved in the past couple of months. Well done Sek.

Run for a cure for something…like children…

I don’t think children are a disease we’ll be curing any time soon.

I can almost picture the dead baby seal at the end of the horn…

This was a great idea and good color choices. The execution is well done too, but I do have to admit that the “POLO” lettering is a bit off.

HA. Good one. I can see this one printing already.

You have to dare to dream.

I must have this shirt. I want so badly for this to print. Awesome work. Best of luck to you.

I like the raptor, but the font seems off to me. GMV for the dino.