Derby entry comments for Derby #137: Luck

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This idea came to me when I was trying to take a nap yesterday, and I decided to give it a shot- I wanted to have a stark contrast between the the character in the front and the background, while still keeping an overall somewhat cartoony style- My idea was to have the character in the front be very simple and completely oblivious to what’s going on behind him. While I know some won’t agree with my artistic choices on this, I hope you can at least find something to like in the design :slight_smile: Thanks for viewing

This was an entry I did for fun :slight_smile: I haven’t really drawn anything cute for a while, and this idea came to mind. Probably a bit too sweet for the typical woot audience, but whatever, I like it. :3

Spork obviously won the DNA lottery in his family. His siblings Foon and Orfforspoona are understandably jealous.

“A real man makes his own luck. Billy Zane. Titanic” ~ Dwight Schrute, The Office

6 colors on brown.

This is a collab - idea and initial sketch by avhienda, linework and coloring by jasneko.


Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat) doesn’t know how to handle this situation.

Lucky he eats rainbows (lucky, lucky unicorn).

Unluck is a form of luck too, you know. Not all luck is good. If it were, then there’d be no need for rabbit’s feet (poor guys), shamrocks, leprachauns, fish scales (silly ruskies), scarabs (back in the day), crickets, or ladybugs! So, if you have luck that’s anything like mine, vote! Maybe it’ll turn around this week. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know, I know. You’re thinking: “This is the guy who did the Dr Feelgood submission last derby! Is this all this guy does?” Well, no. I submitted a few entries earlier (much earlier) that were very different from these. And when something else strikes me, I’ll go for it. Like I’ve said, I design what I’d like to wear. :slight_smile:

Side-Note: I wasn’t too sure about my tagline (will print under the logo, shown in the shirt comp), so let me know what you think. If you don’t care too much for it, I’m not opposed to resubbing without it. :slight_smile:

In six colours on Kelly: White, Black, PMS 1797, PMS 1817, PMS 108, PMS 112.

What could be more lucky than a monster made out of four leaf clovers? =D

Sorry, I forgot to add that this was suggested and influenced by an image of Bassanimation’s version of the Cloverfield monster. Look how cute:

It’s okay, I can cross your path now!

edit: the items are:

lucky number seven
lucky number eight (chinese culture)
rabbit’s foot
blue moon
pot of gold
red balloon :stuck_out_tongue:

A sweep is as lucky as lucky can be!

I’m fairly certain that this doesn’t count as “incidental” text.

But seriously, it’s mai lucky charms.

not from Peking!


Ahahahahaha! XD

Definitely rejection fodder.

Liam never understands why the kids are all afraid of him. Four-leaf clovers are supposed to be lucky! He also wishes these wee buggers would learn some manners. It’s rude to stare, mouth agape, eyes a-bulge, and pants a-wetted…

This is very silly, I apologize in advance. I’m starting to realize I have a thing for drawing scared children, hahaha. This is one of many ‘terrified kid’ entries I’ve done. I’ve always loved being scared of monsters, even when I was a kid, so I guess it has followed me into my old, crunchy age.

Here is the sketch of how I originally intended the image to look. This was a great learning experience in tee work, as I had to rework a lot of things in the end. I’m still navigating my way around how to draw for shirts. ^^; I’m starting to catch a lot more no-no’s and mishaps, but it’s always a challenge.

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile: If you decide to visit Liam in his clover patch, please don’t stare, it really gets to him. :stuck_out_tongue:

We all hope luck stays with us but sometimes our luck runs out!

GMV. Great idea and execution.