Derby entry comments for Derby #140: Things That Start With the Letter S

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Surprise snack-attack!

Japanese folklore has all kinds of monster tales, from living trees to different kinds of oni (devils) - but the Sakura-oni has not been documented until now.

As young couples take advantage of the romantic cherry blossom season to picnic in the parks of Kyoto and Honshu, the sakura-oni awaken from their hibernation, ready to snack on the unwary. Remember to pack this shirt on your next vacation to Japan.

Here’s are some details. Please do not make eye contact with the sakura-oni!:

This shirt uses 6 colors on creme.

Thanks so much for looking! :^)


A Scurvy Siege.

Wow. I totally spelled “siege” wrong. I’m ok with that. :slight_smile:

Struggling songbird.

6 colors on cranberry.

Everyone loves supersoakers. Come on people!


This one was just for poops and giggles.

Six colors on Navy!

Here’s an image detail:


The best part about being one of the first nine entries? Being in the fog with just one vote!

Salsa is a hot dance and a hot sauce! MMMMM!

The text with the ingredients is not included, but don’t worry, just use the ingredients that are pictured on the shirt and mix it up! (Add chips to taste.)

Some detail and instructions :wink:

Did you already do a salsa shirt? This is a nice pairing to the guac shirt though.

Hee hee! Love that the tips include a dollar AND a worm. Fun and clever, as always.

Slightly worse than Rick-rolled

…If you please. S is for Siamese, both the cat and the twins.

It’s a bit girlie and they are in that minimalistic style but I had to, I just adore sheepies~

This design was made by Rglee129 and edgarrmcherly together.


Perfection! I love the colors. +1

The fish that you based the monster on is terrifying. That thing has haunted me since i was like a baby.