Derby entry comments for Derby #141: Classic Comics Style

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Backyard Hero.

6 colors on royal blue.

Here’s my attempt at this style…

Watch out, fan haters!

Extremely loosely based on fanhaters.

an alternate scene starring my favorite movie villain of all time…

inspired by 60s spiderman, hulk, etc

I hope everyone gets the jab. This is probably my favorite thing I’ve done for woot, but it’s totally a boy thing i think so I’m not sure how well it will translate. Vote it up and thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Edit:Just to clear up, it’s poking fun at robin for being annoying. “EHN!” is an annoying ass sound.

This is a reworked shirt I did about a year ago in another derby. I thought it fit theme, so I thought I would see if it gets more than the 7 or 8 votes it got last time.

This is inspired by the underground comix of the late 60’s, mostly Robert Williams.

I like it a lot but I wish it was true to the movie instead of this reinterpretation. Still, nice.


I was just looking at a picture of the shoes he has in 2015… i hpe theyre real in 5 years. +1

that was fun, i might have to do one more for a saturday submission. hope you dig it!

I usually spend several minutes trying to come up with a smart-sounding title for my entries. But this week I spent more time on the entry itself. Hopefully, it will pay off!

ah, love it!

almost a Lost-in-Space mixed with James Bond - feel to it.


love the new color choices. gmv

This is way cool. I’m in love with the color palette. I hope the orange shirt doesn’t turn people off, because this rocks!

a hoverboard would be nice too!


charming- this will surely do well.

this derby defs suits you as you ink so well.

"What were you saying, Darling? I didn’t hear you. I was thinking of vacuums again."