Derby entry comments for Derby #143: Earth Day

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This happy shirt celebrates our love of nature at its most pristine.

Air and Water are balanced with a diving Green Kingfisher and a jumping blue Flying Fish each enjoying a moment in the other’s world. I wanted to use the essense of a Yin Yang symbol without it being immediately obvious. It’s an Earth Day image you could wear whenever you like.

Here’s a close-up detail:

And you can view a large version here.

Thanks for looking! Please vote if you like this design. :^)

NOTE: I’ve added a new version on Navy that has a softer background and a little more impact overall. You may find you prefer it!

If you like 'em both, then please give each a +1 to support this design.


My favorite things about earth are its warm places and its ice cream, usually together.

I’ve been traveling & camping for the past 6 months, and I’m so amazed by the variety of animals and landscapes - just in one little corner of the US. So I wanted to make something that depicted that.

The world and it’s creatures never really ask anything from us. If anything, it’s only that we don’t destroy them. So maybe a little extra effort in that regard would be good, for everyone.

Not my typical thing but I liked the idea and I think it looks pretty cool on a tee. Not really expecting anythng outta this. Hope someone enjoys. :slight_smile:

Also, added a few changes hope it’s a little more obvious whats going on.

This is based on how my sister’s dog enjoys nature: primarily by eating it.

You just clicked on his butt. :slight_smile:

Here’s a couple of close-ups! Enjoy!



Kenney! Always there at the very beginning.

Do you ever think about using your obvious talents and making non-Pucker shirts? (or are you an alt for another designer and I’m just sadly out of the loop? :-p)

Although Pucker Earth > Mother Earth, Pucker Earth still <3 Mother Earth and plants trees when it enters the Sierra Club Sweepstakes.

I could tell this was you from the thumb. Next to the two owls this is my fave from you. +1

EarthBeat. The Earth is the heartbeat of life. If the Earth flatlines, so do we.

I worked super hard on this one. I drew this with an i-Pen, similar to a tablet but just the pen part. I know some people have been shopping around for a tablet. Maybe you would like to give the i-pen a try. It made a world of difference for me! $30! Yay!

This is the first time I am trying halftones and would love some feedback because I am not sure the size I used is acceptable. Thanks so much!

Love this! Especially the details in the gunk being washed off. :slight_smile:

Who could say no to those eyes? :^) +1!

When I read the line “might even become Sierra Club merch” I wanted to make something that easily lended itself to one color printing. This design, however, does have two.

The quote I’m using is from Aldo Leopold, an American environmentalist. To protect the planet you must understand that land is a community and it is to be loved and respected.

The continents are based on the Mercator projection. It is the most common projection of the earth and decided to go with it and all of the inherited disproportions. I did bring in Antarctica outside of the projection since it wasn’t continuous.

I love whales! Happy Earth Day!
Here’s a detailed image to show it is halftones on the whale. I don’t usually use halftones or like them but gave it a shot. Enjoy!

The planet is mostly water… the oceans are an often neglected part of the earth… this design also features some amazing, (but sadly endangered) ocean animals.

It’s not the fanciest, but hereis a pretty way to see where different marine mammals live (at the bottom, select the animal in the drop down menu). Neat!

Closer Than You Think (Nature is). - on navy blue.

I like this wayyyy more than the other.

So good. I like your “We’re not alone” entry, but I -love- this, patrick! GMV.