Derby entry comments for Derby #143: Earth Day

Great job! Really like the colors.

This design would actually get me to wear yellow. GMV

similar shirts exist? im not sure but im pretty sure.

This is a really fun design! I like how the ribs in the whales under belly make it look like it has a giant toothy grin!

Ooh, nice! :smiley:

On the third and final line I would of made it stop about 3/4’s of the way with the end of the line showing it’s still going with like a little ball, like on real heart monitors.

Ah! A stoplight! XD

It’s tough to make lemon look good and you did. So congrats on that and the whole idea and illo… good stuff

Can I imagine a caterpillar did that? Because it’s almost more awesome without the irony. :slight_smile:


I’ve seen this design a million times.

want. for serious… print please.

The red fox is a cool touch.

This is really great.



I can’t believe you kept that white.

Tan! One of my favorites of yours I’ve seen in a while! (and by a while I mean since your lunacy entry XD). Is that Pan?

You’re very talented. Somewhere a gigantic child is bawling its cosmic eyes out.

I lol’d at this. GMV

I love the water. For a few months last year, I was blessed to live just minutes away from the ocean (but not here). I really want to live as close as I can to the water. So, when Woot announced a theme where we were to design a shirt about what we love about earth, I knew I wanted a beach scene. Then I saw a video featuring the Seychelles Islands (near Africa) and I decided that was what I wanted to do.

Six colors on baby blue:
rust (raw umber?), sand (beige?), white, “dark” green, “light” green and gray.