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The dominant species on the planet evolves and grows until it meets with disaster. Then it passes the baton, over it’s dead body, to whatever is smaller and hardier and the cycle begins again. Unless you’re a roach, in which case you can just wait 'em all out.

This shirt depicts the story so far and helpfully anticipates what’s coming next!

Guest starring DJ Roomba. :-p

You can view the fancy looking BIG VERSION to get a better idea of all the details.

Thanks for checking out this design, please vote if you like it. :^)


Just adopted two little adorable kittens this week, so I have kittens on the brain:)

Seriously, they melt me into a pile of goo…but it’s rather scientific, if you break it down.

Thanks for the feedback in the cyberpub!

Edit: Here you can find what will be the final image if this prints. 2 small changes: added forgotten whiskers, and eliminated one accidental bg blob.

How “lulz” work.

Ask Again Later

This guy found out the hard way not to ask his friend to show him how a lever works. Hope you like it! Thanks in advance for comments and critique.

Yes, I know… bunnies. Since they weren’t listed as off limits, I couldn’t resist. Everyone needs to do a bunny shirt. It’s a rite of passage. Right?

Different breeds have different needs.

Thanks everyone in the forum for the help! Wish I had space for more breeds.

Love this. Proud to be the first vote!

Packing Peanuts, Fairy Dust and creatures with abnormally large hands.

I gathered some inspiration here and here.

Yes, I’m that passionate about clouds.

If you over-pack your dishwasher, the Yorkshire Terrier who lives inside won’t be able to clean all the dishes.

Six colors on olive: cream, white, brown, black, gray, red.

The truth about the blenders is so obvious, it hurts.
Hope you like it.
5 colors on Royal Blue. :slight_smile:


Somewhat of a bigger pic!


Control Room

Teh Fireworks

Break Rooms

Engine Room

the taco makes this. :slight_smile:

To clarify species and graphics:

Lab - Jester
Chihuahua - Taco
Basset Hound - Zombie
St Barnard - Super hero
Doberman - Police
Dalmatian - Fireman
Pit Bull - Tornado
Poodle - Sherlock
Cat - Cat (What else would be allowed to run a cat?)

My idea was to try to get at what “pushes the buttons” of the breed, not just popular conception. So while Labradors are famous family and hunting dogs, they’re really jokers at heart.

Paw Pad Lovers Club!

Nice idea and execution!

The inclusion of both a flux capacitor and ghost trap seem a bit gratuitious, though.

YES YES YES! In for three!

I thought the left step came first…It’s hard to tell in the first figure if he’s stepping left or right. The arrow is indicating right…

Done in the style of 1950’s silly advertisements :slight_smile: