Derby entry comments for Derby #145: Spring

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GO PHYSICS! :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t you be scared when the end is near?

A large version of the design is Here

This was partially inspired by Sugar Shack by Ernie Barnes.

This is really cool. +1

I wish a World Series…

Biggie Pic!!!

Everyone loves spring flowers, even monsters.

I predict a winner.

Flowers Gone Wild: Spring Bloom

6 Colors on Kelly Green

This will be rejected. “No Video Games” also covers “No Mario”.

bunnies from pander?


I could see this getting votes

To get you in the mood for voting:

Purple Rain! Purple Rain!

Thanks very much for all the suggestions earlier…!

I can go crazy with colors sometimes when they aren’t clicking, so I submitted my favorite of the moment, and might continue to experiment.

A stained glass spring scene.

I wanted to try something new, something that woot has never seen before. And look at that ring! Three carats! what a thought full adorable fellow.

ha, are they having a wet petal contest???

Baby bunnies are sadistic little things!

Oh,jesus. I missed that line

the sun looks like something in a SunnyD commercial.

almost a summery feel, but spring is close enough :slight_smile: