Derby entry comments for Derby #146: Eyewitness History

It was a lovely day in Boston harbor. The tea shipment had come in and everyone was looking forward to going home and having a nice hot cup.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a giant monster arose from the harbor and, in an English accent asked, “Might I also have a cup of tea? It’s terribly cold in this harbor and, why, I’ve even brought my own cup.” “Wha-?” mumbled the colonists, incoherently. “Stupid americans!” roared the monster. “MAKE ME SOME TEA!” With that the sea-creature rose even farther out of the harbor and lifted the tea carrying vessels up into his cup. The colonists quickly poured out the contents of the shipment and made some tea to appease the beast. Satisfied, he sunk back down into the harbor and was never seen again.

Not wanting to pay taxes on tea that was now gone, feeling disgusted by tea in general and driven slightly mad by the event, the colonists put on indian costumes, dumped everything that was left and decided to use the event to teach the Brits a lesson. Five minutes later they named the event the Boston Tea Party.

And just in case this wasn’t my longest post ever, here are some detail shots too:

too soon, man, too soon!
GMV tho :wink:

Spiritgreen I was rushing too much to mention in the other thread… great idea!

I actually was thinking about doing something about Laika, but everything I thought of was way too sad. You managed to put a positive take on it - great job!:slight_smile:

In many future history books, Obama will be seen as the man that overcame the racial divide to achieve the presidency. There was a long line of people who made this all possible including Abraham Lincoln, Jackie Robinson and – of course – Martin Luther King’s Dream.

What the history books may not show is the true story; not about a single man. It’s a story about an American generation who lived with echos of racial prejudice ringing in their heads from being raised in a segregated world, yet instead looked into their hearts and changed the world.

I dream American can overcome the challenges ahead for our country, our planet and our children.

I really like your use of pale colors this week, sokowa. It’s like vintage without the distressing.

Great drawing too. :slight_smile:

awesome! I love that it doesn’t even notice.

Sure, Newton discovered gravity. But it didn’t go down exactly like he tells it.

In 1981 MTV launched and with it’s first video that aired (Video Killed the Radio Star)- killed the radio star.

This is amusing! But I don’t…quite get the telephone part. Is the squid reporting an accident? Or was it too distracted by the phone call to avoid the ship? Or is there some obscure historic fact I’m missing? v.v That would be typical of me, heh heh.

As a printing history enthusiast, I must own this. GMV

I’m not sure how this is on topic? The titanic wasn’t sunk by a giant squid. Isn’t this more ‘alternate history’?

Behind youuu!

I love how you’ve accurately nailed the likeness of the young mutton-chops Charles Darwin. Not the crazy hobo grandpa Charles Darwin that most of us are familiar with. :^)

Now if only that monster would eat today’s Tea Parties…

I love it! :smiley:

What is your process? I just love the pieces you do!

At first i was like whhaaa? but then I was like Ohhhhh. I didnt really catch the dream part, but I got it now.

Thank you!

This came out great.

I’m really quite jealous of your illustration skills, jewelwing. All these different styles and you make them look easy.

This is a cup of awesomeness!

There’s only one person who knows how the dictators were defeated. A smart soldier who understood what really was going on.