Derby entry comments for Derby #149: Psychedelia

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Turtley trippy, dude!

This is the journey of a sea turtle from egg to ocean. This summery, kaleidoscopic design shows the life cycle of these unique marine creatures. Psychedelic surf wear!

Here’s a detail:

Wear this shirt on your next trip to the beach or a Discworld convention! It’s six colors on creme. You can view a big version here.

Thanks so much for looking, please vote if you like this design. :slight_smile:


Great concept and execution! It’s turtles all the way down.

Schrödinger’s cat!

Here’s a detail.

mamamello you remind a litttttle bit of walzaman

Be Cool!

Five colors on a fresh grass tee!
I hope you like it!

Some detail:


voted on this one!


  1. Paul is dead man, he misses him

  2. Girlfriend left him for a cello

  3. He’s Jimmy Eat World’s guitar

  4. Owner’s band decided to go aca pella

  5. Never learned to play freebird

  6. Dog died

  7. Body is rejecting piano string transplants

  8. Guitar-pattern baldness

  9. Feels like a banjo trapped in a guitar’s body

  10. You haven’t voted for him yet

This is inspired by the art of Rick Griffin (like my last handful of entries), all of the lettering was done by hand.

Always so cool, patrick! Very nice choice of colors on brown. :^)

An alternative ultimately rejected.
“Can’t live in a flippin’ plane, can we?”

Amazing work, as usual. As an avowed vegetarian, I can’t see myself wearing this, but GMV for a job well-done, regardless.

If you tilt your head a little, then let your eyeballs relax when you look at it, it gets all 3-D-ish.
Ooooh, psychedelic, man.


Be Cool!

Five colors on a grass tee!
I hope you like it!

Some detail:

Awesome as usual Omni.

Just my opinion, but I find this painfully bland & uninteresting.

Therefore, congratulations on your impending print, I suppose. -_-

Great colors GF!

I was wondering what Walmazan Psychedelia would look like, I am not disappointed!

Sweet, turtle love. :slight_smile:

Trippy! voted